The 5 Gifts You Can Give a Friend With An Autistic Child This Holidays



Being a good mother to typical kids can be a feat. Each speaks different love languages, requires various levels of attention and every day, each child needs help facing diverse problems, challenges, and issues. Mommy works can be draining at times. If this is the case for moms of kids with typical developments, how much more for those who are taking care of children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities?

If you have a friend who’s a mommy to a mentally-challenged or autistic child, the coming holidays is the perfect time to show her you care by gifting these five things.


  1. Give her your gift of encouragement.

Help your friend seek out whatever assistance the social and educational services in your area dole out to families with members who have the disorder. The child’s welfare will improve by leaps and bounds if the parents work hand in hand with the government and both have mutual respect for each other.


  1. Give her your gift of support.

There will be times when children with autism and other mental disabilities are misunderstood. When occasions like this arise, your friend will need someone who knows and somewhat understands her child to stand with her as she advocates for her loved one. Be that person. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak on her kid’s behalf. By just being there and having her back counts a lot.


  1. Give her your gift of optimism.




Caring for someone who’s mentally challenged can be quite taxing. There will be points in her life when your friend feels as if she’s carrying the whole world on her shoulders with the challenges she’s facing. When these times come, be a ray of sunlight in her dreary day. Cheer her up and pat her back by telling her she’s doing a good job. Positive words, no matter how simple they are, go a long way to making someone who’s struggling feel better.


  1. Give her your gift of time.

If her child feels comfortable around you, consider gifting your friend with a much-needed timeout by taking in over her place for a few hours. Allow her some time just to be – go out on her own or get a good massage at some spa – while you stay home and watch over and take care of her kid.


  1. Most of all, give her autistic or mentally disabled child the gift of love.

It’s easier to like an average child and gush over the things he accomplishes or just even his general cuteness. Loving a child with mental disability and ASD is another matter. This is because they don’t act like other normal kids their age does most of the time. They can be disruptive, messy and, at times, a pain to deal with. However, you don’t need to cast your lot in with how the regular world sees special children. Love is a universal language even they know how to speak. Love them, and you’ll be surprised by how that’s returned in many folds.




We have to remember – love, acceptance, and patience are the three most vital characteristics needed when dealing with kids who have ASD and are mentally challenged. With these, there’s a high possibility they’ll grow into happy and productive adults.